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FECTO objectives are summarized as follows:
  1. To be a business center with the objective of improving the competitiveness of community based tourism enterprises.
  2. To facilitate and implement an effective and dynamic tourism marketing strategy for the products developed by community based tourism enterprises.
  3. To be a resource hub and centre for community based tourism enterprises and promote equitable access to various information requirements – including business development, resources availability, market opportunities, and any best practice information important for the growth and development of CBTEs.
  4. To support the capacity building unit for strengthening CBTEs and the supporting institutional structures – in terms of registration, constitution-making, membership drives and development of strong leadership, membership development, equitable resource sharing and raising awareness on tourism as a business and to empower historically disadvantaged individuals and communities, and ensure the sustainability and protection of culture and the environment.
  5. To network as necessary with key stakeholders in the tourism sector including the Government of Kenya Tourism Trust Fund, Kenya Tourism Board, Kenya Tourism Federation and the private sector.
  6. To act as a lobbyist and be the representative voice for the community based tourism industry, for a change in policies and regulations that hinder the entry, growth and expansion of small and medium tourism enterprises; or for change in policies that perpetuate weak governance and affect the distribution of revenues. Where necessary, provide civil society support to the Ministry of Tourism for the implementation of the Community Based Tourism Framework.
  7. To mobilize funds and resources internally and externally to promote and support the formation of Regional Associations (branches) that will promote tourism development in the regions.




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