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The members' benefits will include among others:

  • Representation in forums, through advocacy and lobbying actions on key issues.
  • Networking with different stakeholders of the tourism/cultural industry.
  • Capacity building programs for member organisations at discounted rates.
  • Trade linkages and market expansions.
  • Mentorship programmes through linkages with stable members and industry players.
  • Skills transfer avenues from our partners overseas
  • Unlimited access to the FECTO’s website which offers interactive online activities and development information within the tourism/cultural performance industry.
  • Receive quarterly newsletters and monthly bulletins
  • Provision of facility standards for the members
  • Arbitration services tailored to the industry, which will provide a speedy settlement to disputes at reduced costs.
  • Legal and labour relations services at reduced costs.
  • Discount to FECTO hosted conferences, trainings, workshops among other activities
  • Exposure to available training and learning opportunities with collaborating partners and projects, plus research information in tourism and cultural marketing.
  • Information and exposure to new technologies.




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